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Reader’s Moldings¬†Submissions

If The Joy of Moldings has inspired you to install beautiful moldings in your home, why not share your project with the rest of us?

All you have to do is send me your pictures in their original form, and I’ll edit them as needed. Cell phone pictures are usually too small, and I really want to show of your work, so if you have a regular digital camera to take your pictures with, that would be much better.

Also, please include some detail about your project, like how you first got interested in moldings, what paint colors you used or your what your experience level is. Discover a better way of doing something? Then share your tips with us too.

Details like that help paint a picture around your work that connects you to the moldings. It’s your connection to your moldings that’s the most important part of all this.

I hope to hear from you soon!



Ask Ken

As much as I enjoy helping people with their molding projects, I currently do not have time to answer questions.



I no longer sell ads on The Joy of Moldings, and what Google ads appear now will be removed within the next year. In the mean time, all Google ads are targetable through your Adwords account.


Copyright Infringement

If you notice my photos or text on other websites or blogs, would please tell me about it?

I work very hard to create all unique content for you, and it’s just downright maddening when people steal it and post it as their own.¬† Thanks.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Ken O’Brien

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