The Hunter House

Greek Revival/Traditional, 1882 This is the city of Birmingham, Michigan’s oldest surviving home. It is located in the Birmingham Historical Museum and Park. HoursĀ  Wed – Sat 1 – 4 PM LocationĀ  Maple Rd and Southfield Rd.

Casing Profiles, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Traditional Style You can use this casing molding for your Greek Revival/Neoclassical door or window casing. It has a backband and scriber incorporated into the profile, so you don’t have but one profile to assemble rather than three pieces. This…

Molding & Millwork Inventory, Panel Molding Profiles


Good for Pilaster Base, Wainscoting The most common use of this molding is on the inside panels of wainscoting. But an even better use is for making pilaster bases. If you’re a Metro Detroit reader and looking for this molding…

Casing Profiles, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Fluted Casing, Reversible You don’t have to router your own flutes into a casing if you don’t want to, because there are enough manufactured products like this molding profile to suit your needs. The reason I chose to work with…

ARCHWAYS, Pattern Book


Traditional Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $3,500.00 This archway started out as a typical, contractor-grade square opening with a measly three pieces of moldings framing it. With a little planning, some mdf board, moldings from my local lumber yards, flexible…

Casing Profiles, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Fluted & Rolled Reversible Profile This casing has a molding profile on both sides — fluted on one (left) and rolled (right) on the other. I’ve used the fluted side for both door pilasters and corner block door surrounds. What…



Traditional Style, c. 1828 – 33 These photos are courtesy of the Library of Congress. This ornate corner block is from the Connecticut Greek Revival home of Captain William Webb Wakeman. You could make similar corner blocks for your traditional…



Traditional Style c. 1780 Photos courtesy of Greg Roth. This beautiful antique marble mantel comes from Bowcliffe Hall, England. The Detroit Institute of Arts list the artist as “unknown.” Whoever the artist was, however, it seems that he was influenced…



Traditional Style, Doric Order A pilaster is nothing more than a column cut in half and then placed against the wall. It is not a load-bearing element like a column, it is decorative only. However, a pilaster must appear to…