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Before & After: Craftsman or Victorian Window Valance Box

window valance cornice box

Mom and Dad’s window sans the puffy, 1980’s style fabric valance.

When my mom and dad asked if I’d like to paint their small, tasteful bungalow, I couldn’t resist adding a few moldings at the same time.

Mom, a talented seamstress, was going to throw away her old fabric window valances she made, and so I made her these Craftsman style valance boxes to replace them.

I painted the valance frieze a slightly darker taupe color than what I put on the walls.

Those of you who are better with color than I am, so just think of all the other color combinations you could come up with for the valance box.

I built this box about the same way I built the one in our kitchen; just a few feet of mdf board, moldings, glue, primer and paint is all you need to make your own.

Painted window valance cornice box

VALANCE BOX-100.  This design would be acceptable in homes with both Craftsman or Victorian style decor.

kitchen window diy valance boxIf you need a little help getting started building your own, then this post How to Build a Small Valance Box for $14.54 should help.

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  1. Reid March 3, 2013 at 8:34 AM #

    Great example of how to install a valance box over a window with existing casings. It looks great. Painting the valance frieze gives it a highly custom look that you don’t see very often.

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