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Before & After: Craftsman & Victorian Style Crown Molding

ranch home craftsman remodelEarly 70’s ranch homes were fashioned after the post-modern architectural ideals of the time.

Lucky for us that means they’ve left us with millions of rooms so ill-defined of any kind of style that now you and I can come along and impose on them our own decorating style with ease.

The world is full of “blank slate” rooms like these for us to decorate!

That’s what I did with some friends in the kitchen of their ranch home — imposed a beautiful Craftsman/Victorian style crown molding that expresses its profile best on this outside corner.

mdf Arts & Crafts Victorian style painted moldings

This is CROWN MOLDING-106.  It is made from three pieces of MDF molding you can buy most any place that sells moldings.

Even though these homes wear Craftsman style moldings best, in part because these post-modernist boxes ultimately owe their genesis from early Craftsman design, they also wear traditional and Victorian moldings with ease.

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