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All before and after pictures in the molding design gallery.

Before & After: Moldings for Patio Double Doors

painted door trim for french double doorsThe contractor who installed these double French doors leading to the patio did an awful job installing the simple door trim around it.

The fit and finish of the trim was the worst I’d ever seen in my life.  So I had to do something about it.

These doors lead to the lush, flowery shaded patio, and deserved far better moldings to mark the transition.

The resulting door surround is DOOR TRIM-133.

It was such an easy style to install that I didn’t bother taking installation pictures of it.

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Before & After: Victorian Farmhouse Door Trim

mdf painted door trimThis living room and foyer have ten foot high ceilings, and we gave them a total molding makeover and a high-resolution paint job that helped show off that height.

All of the molding patterns were based on designs I’d seen in rural Victorian era homes all over the U.S. and Canada.  And since this is also a rural farmhouse — though not an old one — I thought it proper to install moldings that would not be out of place if this new farmhouse was on-hundred years older than it is.

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During & After: Parlor With High Vaulted Ceiling

In the picture below I’ve installed, primed and caulked, a whole bunch of moldings in this tall room.  If I still had the before picture of this room, you’d see just a big box with tiny trim and a whole lot of potential.


vaulted ceiling crown molding chair rail bay window trim

This room had the perfect geometry to decorate with a full compliment of moldings.

The first time I walked into this room I knew exactly what moldings I wanted to install.

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Before & After: Master Bedroom Crown Molding & Door Trim

door trim crown molding baseboard

Note my sketches on the wall around the left opening.

Look at this intersection of tray ceiling, HVAC box in the corner and two doorways.

If ever there were a case for improvising when decorating with moldings, this is the precedent setting example right here.

How in the world does one design moldings around this mess?

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Before & After: Turn Your Foyer Into a Gallery With Picture Rail Moldings

open floor plan foyer front door side lightsHere we have a really large, open floor plan/great room combo foyer with eighteen foot ceilings.

Without moldings to define the space it just felt like you were standing a big furniture warehouse.

My plan: Highlight all of the original artwork by turning the foyer into an art gallery by adding a functional picture rail molding.

My plan also included a bold wall color below the picture rail and a much lighter color above.

You can imagine my disappointment when I returned to the home after the painters had finished and saw this.

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Before & After: Ornate Crown Molding in Master Bedroom

before-large-foam-crown-molding-buildupYou may not agree with the wall color I had to paint below the ornate, three-piece crown molding I installed in this master bedroom, but you have to admit the crown is really pretty!

When I suggested to my friends that an accent color in this master bedroom would help set off the crown, I wasn’t exactly thinking lime green.  But there you have it.

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Before & After: The Secret to Installing Crown Molding on a Vaulted Ceiling

before and after crown molding on vaulted ceilingHere’s my not so carefully guarded secret of how to install crown molding on a vaulted ceiling.

You don’t.

The majority of homes built during the last thirty years consist of both traditional and contemporary design elements.  This is most evident in the great room and open floor plans that replaced more traditionally divided homes.

These great rooms, with their asymmetrical vaulted ceilings, are the contemporary portion — installing crown molding on these chaotic angles looks forced.  Your crown molding looses and your great room looses.

Instead, install what I’ve come to call a “flying crown.”

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Before & After: Foyer and Dining Room With Archway

before interior archway in red dining roomWe wanted whatever design I came up with for this foyer to be the same on either side of the arch.  That left only one solution — what I call a hanging entablature.

All of the moldings in the Before picture were installed by a finish carpenter who did not want to finish the job.

The After picture below shows my molding design additions.  I painted everything by hand.

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Before & After: Fireplace Mantel with Corbels

before fireplace without a fireplace mantelA friend of mine bought a new condo that came with a fireplace and stone slip, but no mantel.

So I made him one.

It’s not an exact Federal style replica, but one that has Federal style elements.

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Before & After: Great Room Remodel

great room remodel before picture

I’ll bet those custom curtains cost more than the molding materials for this entire great room.

I’m convinced most homes don’t need to be remodeled in the usual way: floor plans opened/floor plans closed; additions of unnecessary space attached; kitchen cabinets replaced with ones that cost as much as a luxury car.  Really, most homeowners are looking for added detail and color.

The only thing I didn’t get to install in this great room and foyer was a really big baseboard.  That would have finished the room nicely.

The wall and trim paint is Benjamin Moore.  Walls are their Regal product in flat and the moldings are, as always, painted in Satin Impervo with satin finish.

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Before & After: Craftsman Kitchen Crown Molding Buildup

before and after craftsman victorian kitchen crown molding buildupWhen wallpaper, stencils, cascading silk vines and other decorating tricks no longer satisfy your quest for the ideal kitchen, then try installing a simple set of moldings and a fresh coat of paint.

That’s what we did here.  Two shades of blue on the wall and simple but elegant white moldings were all this kitchen needed.

Of the many rooms I’ve decorated with moldings, this is one of my favorites.

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Before & After: Tall Guest Half Bathroom

guest half bathroom baseboard with tall ceilings

Already nicely decorated, all this guest bathroom needs is the right moldings.

Do you see the little moldings in this guest bathroom?  Those are the “upgraded” moldings that came with this house.

This half bathroom has twelve foot ceilings, and those little moldings just don’t stand up under such a soaring height.

It felt like you were sitting in an elevator shaft with all that soaring height above, rather than a distinguished guest bathroom.  Until we added moldings.

The 11″ tall baseboards I installed I also installed in the rest of the foyer/great room, and I think they gave the room a proper foundation.

To further divide up the towering walls in the bathroom, I designed a frieze that you can just make out the bottom of in the second picture.  The wallpaper above the frieze is from the same collection, and is a complimentary pattern to the wall paper you see pictured.

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Before & After: Curse of the Open Floor Plan

Foyer open floor plan molding upgrade

Open space or warehouse?

I like open floor plans as much as anybody.  But really, builders should learn some restraint.

Do you really want to walk through your front door into a vast, ill-defined furniture warehouse?

But if a warehouse is what you have, then you can subdivide the room with moldings like I did in this foyer and living room great room combo.

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Before & After: Craftsman Style Kitchen Moldings on a Budget

Wainscoting CraftsmanHere we have a typical, early 70’s ranch home kitchen in need of some moldings.

These are the simple, Craftsman style moldings I designed, installed and painted in just a few weekends.

  • Tall wainscoting
  • Large baseboard
  • Door trim for sliding glass door
  • Large, three-piece cove crown molding

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Before & After: Newel Post on a Half Wall

Newel Post on a half wall.Do you have a half wall on you staircase like this that could use a little dressing up?

Newel posts like these are really easy to build and can be made from very inexpensive materials. In fact, I built this one out of scraps from the larger project.

I also added some pretty flowered woodworking appliques to the lantern portion on top.

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