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Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue

wood glue for crown moldings and other trim

I use this to glue those really small pieces of moldings together.

The trick to getting a secure bond between your two mitered faces is to allow the first smear of glue to soak into the exposed end-grain.   The second coat of glue will now bond with its mating surface.

It also helps to let the glue tack up a bit before mating the two surfaces.

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Spackling for Moldings

spackling for moldingsDAP DryDex, 8 oz

I like this DAP spackling more than any other brand I’ve used.

That’s because there is very little shrinkage when it dries, which is important when you’re filling the many nail holes on your new moldings.

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Caulk for Moldings

caulk for molding and millworkDAP Alex Plus Painter’s Caulk

The caulk I use more than any other to fill the small gaps on and around my molding installations is regular ol’ DAP painter’s caulk.

I use it on everything from crown moldings to wainscoting.

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Sanding Sponge

220, 150 molding & millwork sanding spongeGrain

I can hardly imagine sanding a room full of moldings without my inventory of sanding sponges.

I have a box full of them.  Literally.

They help you make quick work of sanding flat-stock moldings and especially moldings with contours that the sponge can take the shape of.

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Arc Shield

arc shield

Arc Shield for Wall Plug

Extend Wall Plug on Wainscoting

Arc shields are made for extending electrical outlets beyond their original position from the wall.

I’ve used them on both light switches and wall outlets after installing wainscoting, baseboards and other moldings.

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Primer for Moldings: Sherwin Williams Premium Wall & Wood Primer

Wood Primer Latex Sherwin WilliamsLatex Sandable Primer

The primer you apply to your moldings must be sandable.  Not all of them are.

But this Sherwin Williams primer is sandable.  It leaves a perfectly powdery coat when dry that is easily sandable to a smooth finish.

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