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Calm Before the Storm of Saws

cute cats and crown molidngs

Julia and Sketch collapsed in a sunbeam.  Enjoy it while you can, cats.

In a few minutes their peaceful, sun-drenched nap will abruptly end when I fire up the miter saw, then the table saw, then the air compressor and then finally the nail gun.

I flash of guilt sweeps over me, and then I quickly recover.  They’ll get me back for it some day.  These, cats.  They’ll exact some kind of fiendish revenge — a paw in my wine glass when I’m not looking, or eat my soul when I’m asleep.  What ever form the revenge takes is sure to be out of proportion to the original crime.  That’s a cat trademark.

Then why did we cave to a fuzzy face last weekend and take home another rescue cat?

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Our Little Scapegoats

cute cat picture

I didn’t do it.

By Jennifer

No household can be truly harmonious without a cat or two.  Chiefly they serve as fluffy, pettable ventriloquist’s dummies (as in, “Julia says, ‘Is this all there is?  It’s all ashes — ashes!'” or, “Sky told me he thinks you look great in those briefs.”)  More importantly, though, cats’ scapegoat function turns them into the unsung (and unwilling) heroes of many a marriage.

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Cats and Crown Molding

Julia makes sure her fluffy belly is available so the kitchen crown molding installation stays on track.  She’s not really that generous, it’s just that she wants her food bowl back in its normal place.

Cats and crown molding

Who says remodeling projects have to be stressful?

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover series]


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