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Historic FIREPLACE MANTEL-104, Fort Mackinac

fireplace mantel

Traditional/Greek Revival Style, c. 1828

I discovered this simple fireplace mantel in the hospital and doctors’ quarters in old Fort Mackinac.

The other moldings in this room — the door trim and baseboard — are nice, but plain. Only the fireplace was dressed up special.

antique fireplace mantel

The cornice and frieze are what you would would expect from the Federal/Greek Revival styles. The only oddity are the plaques with scalloped corners on each capital, and the central plaque on the frieze.

Mackinac island was a remote, wilderness outpost back in 1828, and so it’s understanable that there was no¬† local craftsman¬†who could carve the delicate ornaments that are normally found on a fireplace mantel of this time.

plinth block

Fluted pilaster terminate in a classical plinth block.

It’s a lovely design, and one that would not be difficult to replicate using moldings and MDF board from you local lumber yard.

fireplace mantel

architectural detail

Note the convex curve on the cornice, right between the two pilasters.

The hospital’s exterior is modest, as are most military buildings of any age.

doctor house


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