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Large Paint Swatches, a Big Help from Benjamin Moore

paint swatch

[This post is part of my How to Paint Moldings series.]

Quick Painting Tip

These large paint swatches from Benjamin Moore Paint really helped me narrow down my paint choices. Not that I mind painting lots of test colors on the wall, but when I’m still in that vague, what in the world color do I want, phase, then these swatches can help.

This black swatch helped me decide that I don’t want the bookshelves in my built-in bed/reading nook to be this black. If I hadn’t found this nice, big swatch then I would have spent quite a bit of money buying test quarts.

I’m sure they are expensive for the paint store to hand out, so they save them for customers who are getting pretty serious about their final color choices.

So don’t forget to ask your paint store for a large swatch or two on your next painting project.

P.S. Thanks Scott at Teknicolors Paints in Birmingham for helping me choose the right paint products with my project.

paint swatch

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