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Joseph’s New Appliques

woodworking ornaments

They came in and I’ll have to say is, wow, the resolution is amazing.

— Joseph, The Joy of Moldings reader

I agree, Joseph. And you can’t go wrong with the beautiful urns and swag ornaments you chose to use in your design.

Please send us some pictures of your completed work, I’m sure my readers would just love to see what you’ve created!



crown moldingSmall Ogee

This is your standard-issue, ogee crown molding.

You can use it as part of pretty much any architectural buildup you can think of; valance boxes, entablatures, fireplace mantels, newel posts — just to name a few.

I used this one as part of a flying crown molding.

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chair rail moldingTraditional Style

Your local lumber yard will most likely label this molding profile as a chair rail, and indeed you can use it for that, most people do.

But it has other uses as well, like making wall or ceiling frames.

This example is for a pre-primed mdf version, but this profile will be available in many other materials like pine or poplar.

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crown moldingTraditional or Victorian Style

Here’s a beautifully detailed crown molding profile that’s sure to make an impression as part of a three-piece buildup.

It would also be impressive as part of a fireplace mantel, door or window entablature.

However you use it, you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to work with, and, more importantly, how grand it will look in any of your rooms!

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door casingCasing Molding

This versatile molding profile I’ve used for chair rail buildups, entablatures, crown molding cornices and of course, baseboards.

But it wasn’t until this week that I saw this same profile in an historic home, and so establishing its historic legitimacy once and for all.

It is located in the 1930-built home that now serves as the city of Birmingham, Michigan’s, Historical Museum. I’ll be featuring the moldings in that home over the coming week.

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resin fireplace corbelTraditional Style

After looking at many corbels used during the American Colonial and Federal architectural periods, I finally settled on this resin corbel for Greg’s fireplace mantel.

It’s made by a company called Outwater Plastics, makers of all kinds of affordable architectural details — some great and some not so great.

But this corbel is great

And you can use it not just on fireplace mantels, but on door and window surrounds, underneath ceiling beams or even crown molding corbel returns.

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resin corbelTraditional Style

Resin corbels like these are an excellent addition to the architectural details you design and install in your home.

The detail resolution on this one in quite nice, even rivaling some plaster corbels. Just look at how nice the acanthus leaf pattern lays on the front.

But the great benefit of resin corbels is their durability and price.

This resin material is like very dense rubber, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the whole thing if you drop or bump it. I even shot 18 gauge brad nails into this one.

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baseboard moldingTraditional Style

Here is a rare instance where I used a tall, one-piece baseboard as part of a larger buildup instead of my usual three-piece buildup: cap, fascia and shoe.

In this case I used it as a base for some fireplace pilasters. There were so many corners to wrap it around that I felt it would help save some time by making them all from one piece.

However, after working with this otherwise very nice profile, I still prefer to make my baseboards from three separate pieces.

Here’s why.

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panel moldingPanel Molding

This is my favorite panel molding.

And if you’re fortunate enough to find it at your local lumber yard, then I’m sure it will become your favorite, too.

You can use it as a wall frame or to make an ornate ceiling; an architrave or a detail below a crown molding.

You can even use it as a collar on a fireplace mantel.

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wood corbelsTraditional Style

After working so hard to build a beautiful mantel or entablature, you sure don’t want to skimp on the quality of corbel you use.

In this case I found some perfectly good, hand carved corbels at my local lumber yard.

Granted, it’s a very, very nice lumber yard in an upscale part of town (Rochester, Michigan), and the price was surprisingly good.

But if you can’t find any locally, you can find plenty of them online. And I mean plenty.

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crown moldingCrown Molding

A poplar crown molding full of beautiful beads and coves, this one is an excellent choice for fireplace mantels and entablatures.

Pay close attention to the quality of this molding’s profile, its crispness of detail.

That’s the kind of quality molding you can expect to buy at a good molding & millwork supplier or lumber yard.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a profile this nice at one of the big box home improvements stores.

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molding & millworkAstragal Profile

You can use this classical molding profile as a collar on entablatures, pilasters, columns or newel posts.

It also will serve you well as a panel molding for an ornate ceiling or wall.

A few other profiles I use on The Joy of Moldings are slight variations on this theme.

For instance, PM-007 is a complete astragal, PM-001 is smaller with less projection, and PM-012 is more elongated. Continue Reading →



crown moldingBed Molding

A common molding profile used as part of larger architectural buildups.

It was a popular element on Craftsman style entablatures and newel posts, but that’s just a start.

In fact, you’ll find it on historic buildings as far back as Greek temples and Roman homes.

But you won’t have to go to Greece to find it, because most lumber yards — as well as Lowes and Home Depot — keep it in stock.

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molding & millworkOvolo Molding

This molding profile is commonly used as an astragal on a pilaster (like I built for ARCHWAY-100 and 101) or on a column.

I’ve also used it on many entablatures, just above the frieze to support the soffit and even below a wainscoting cap.

It’s a classical profile that you should be able to find any place that sells moldings, it’s that important.

However, you’ll probably have to hunt around to find one locally. Or you could find one online easy enough.

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door trim moldingCraftsman Style Casing

Normally I build this door or window trim style by stacking two pieces together.

But since the Molding & Millwork Company makes this one-piece in a pre-primed mdf casing, why, you can just run out and order a whole bunch from your local lumber yard.

I say a bunch because it’s really affordable.

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