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Baseboard and skirting board profiles.


baseboard moldingTraditional Style

Here is a rare instance where I used a tall, one-piece baseboard as part of a larger buildup instead of my usual three-piece buildup: cap, fascia and shoe.

In this case I used it as a base for some fireplace pilasters. There were so many corners to wrap it around that I felt it would help save some time by making them all from one piece.

However, after working with this otherwise very nice profile, I still prefer to make my baseboards from three separate pieces.

Here’s why.

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home depot baseboard moldings

Baseboard Profile, Victorian Style

You can find this Victorian style baseboard at just about any place that sells moldings.

But be pay close attention to which kind your suppliers carries; the high-quality, ultra-lite, high-resolution kind or the poor-quality, crumbly, difficult to blend, low-resolution kind.

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