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Molding profiles.


door casingCasing Molding

This versatile molding profile I’ve used for chair rail buildups, entablatures, crown molding cornices and of course, baseboards.

But it wasn’t until this week that I saw this same profile in an historic home, and so establishing its historic legitimacy once and for all.

It is located in the 1930-built home that now serves as the city of Birmingham, Michigan’s, Historical Museum. I’ll be featuring the moldings in that home over the coming week.

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door trim moldingCraftsman Style Casing

Normally I build this door or window trim style by stacking two pieces together.

But since the Molding & Millwork Company makes this one-piece in a pre-primed mdf casing, why, you can just run out and order a whole bunch from your local lumber yard.

I say a bunch because it’s really affordable.

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CA-006 Flex Trim

flexible moldingTraditional Backband Molding

I used this Flex Trim bullnose backband molding as part of two arched walk-throughs and two arched window surrounds in a grand dining room and living room molding makeover.

It’s a very simple flexible molding to install and does not cost much.

Yet if you leave it off of your arched treatments, those treatments will suffer significantly.

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CA-005 Flex Trim Molding

flex trim arch moldingTraditional Style Casing

This is a classic molding profile used for door and window casings throughout the western world.

And you can order it right from your local lumber yard with the arch dimensions you want for your own installation.

Just measure the rise and width of the arch you want, and how much (if any) straight pieces you need, and then place your order.

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casing molding & millworkTraditional Style

You can use this casing molding for your Greek Revival/Neoclassical door or window casing.

It has a backband and scriber incorporated into the profile, so you don’t have but one profile to assemble rather than three pieces.

This one is made from pine, but poplar would be a much better choice for this profile.

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fluted casingFluted Casing, Reversible

You don’t have to router your own flutes into a casing if you don’t want to, because there are enough manufactured products like this molding profile to suit your needs.

The reason I chose to work with this one is because the depth and proportion of the flutes is excellent. Many manufactured fluted casings have very poor depth to their flutes — make sure the ones you buy are not too shallow.

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fluted casing moldingFluted & Rolled Reversible Profile

This casing has a molding profile on both sides — fluted on one (left) and rolled (right) on the other.

I’ve used the fluted side for both door pilasters and corner block door surrounds.

What I like about both profiles is the resolution of the detail. The fluting is deep and spaced correctly — unlike most mass-produced fluted casings — and the rolled side details are historically accurate.

You might expect to see the rolled side of this profile in Victorian corner block designs, since those are the most common examples of its use.

However, its origins go much farther back, into the Greek Revival/Georgian styles.

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mdf door trim moldingDoor or Window Casing 3-1/2″ Wide

This classic door and window casing is perfect for traditional style homes.

It looks great as a simple, three-piece architrave molding around a doorway.  But you can also add plinth blocks, scriber, backband and an entablature to create a door surround that will rival the finest homes in history!

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