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Molding profiles.


crown moldingSmall Ogee

This is your standard-issue, ogee crown molding.

You can use it as part of pretty much any architectural buildup you can think of; valance boxes, entablatures, fireplace mantels, newel posts — just to name a few.

I used this one as part of a flying crown molding.

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crown moldingTraditional or Victorian Style

Here’s a beautifully detailed crown molding profile that’s sure to make an impression as part of a three-piece buildup.

It would also be impressive as part of a fireplace mantel, door or window entablature.

However you use it, you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to work with, and, more importantly, how grand it will look in any of your rooms!

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crown moldingCrown Molding

A poplar crown molding full of beautiful beads and coves, this one is an excellent choice for fireplace mantels and entablatures.

Pay close attention to the quality of this molding’s profile, its crispness of detail.

That’s the kind of quality molding you can expect to buy at a good molding & millwork supplier or lumber yard.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a profile this nice at one of the big box home improvements stores.

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crown moldingBed Molding

A common molding profile used as part of larger architectural buildups.

It was a popular element on Craftsman style entablatures and newel posts, but that’s just a start.

In fact, you’ll find it on historic buildings as far back as Greek temples and Roman homes.

But you won’t have to go to Greece to find it, because most lumber yards — as well as Lowes and Home Depot — keep it in stock.

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crown molding pre-primedOgee Crown Molding, 2-1/8″

Always use a crown molding this small as part of a larger buildup.

It has no impact when it’s installed as a single-piece crown molding, though that is perhaps its most common use here in the states.

The pine material this one is made from is not the best quality, causing it to shrink and warp at scarf joints. So, just don’t use it where there is a scarf joint.

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mdf cove crown molding

Cove Crown Molding

This is a wonderful MDF crown that functions as part of a Traditional, Craftsman, and especially, a Victorian crown molding buildup.

I’ve been buying it for as many years as I’ve been installing moldings, and hopefully you can find a place for it in your home too!

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small cove crown molding

Cove Crown Molding, Small

Cove moldings like this can be found at just about any place that sells moldings.

You’ll get the best price on one like this at a lumber yard or specialty molding retailer.

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foam dentil crown molding

Dentil Crown Molding, Small

There are many dentil crown moldings on the market, but this is one of the best.

It’s made by Focal Point, and is available through a wide variety of retailers.

This is one of the few moldings that I’ve bought online.

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mdf Victorian crown molding

Cove Crown Molding

This is a fairly common crown molding profile that’s manufactured by many different companies.

But not all versions of it are equal.

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crown molding pine small lowes home improvement

Ogee Crown Molding, Small

Sold mostly as a small crown molding for kitchen cabinets, this Classical molding profile can be used in so many other ways — even upside down as a baseboard cap!

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Crown Molding ProfileCrown Molding, Ogee, 3-1/4″

When most of us think about crown molding, this is the profile we usually have in mind.

And for good reason.  This profile has been around for a really long time.

You’ve probably seen it installed mostly as a single-piece between the wall and ceiling, or perhaps on a simple fireplace mantel.

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poplar victorian crown moldingCove Crown Molding Profile

This crown molding is perfect for your Traditional or Victorian style decor.

And it looks great over your doors and windows when used as part of an entablature.

Links to the molding patterns I’ve built using this crown molding are below.

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