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chair rail moldingTraditional Style

Your local lumber yard will most likely label this molding profile as a chair rail, and indeed you can use it for that, most people do.

But it has other uses as well, like making wall or ceiling frames.

This example is for a pre-primed mdf version, but this profile will be available in many other materials like pine or poplar.

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panel moldingPanel Molding

This is my favorite panel molding.

And if you’re fortunate enough to find it at your local lumber yard, then I’m sure it will become your favorite, too.

You can use it as a wall frame or to make an ornate ceiling; an architrave or a detail below a crown molding.

You can even use it as a collar on a fireplace mantel.

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molding & millworkAstragal Profile

You can use this classical molding profile as a collar on entablatures, pilasters, columns or newel posts.

It also will serve you well as a panel molding for an ornate ceiling or wall.

A few other profiles I use on The Joy of Moldings are slight variations on this theme.

For instance, PM-007 is a complete astragal, PM-001 is smaller with less projection, and PM-012 is more elongated. Continue Reading →



molding & millworkOvolo Molding

This molding profile is commonly used as an astragal on a pilaster (like I built for ARCHWAY-100 and 101) or on a column.

I’ve also used it on many entablatures, just above the frieze to support the soffit and even below a wainscoting cap.

It’s a classical profile that you should be able to find any place that sells moldings, it’s that important.

However, you’ll probably have to hunt around to find one locally. Or you could find one online easy enough.

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molding & millworkPanel Molding

This small panel molding is an excellent choice for use as a wall frame (also called a shadow box).

I used this one for the inside of a three-piece overmantel treatment, but I’ve also used it for ceiling treatments to enhance a crown molding.

As far as I can tell from historic installations of similar moldings, the flat side is usually pointed towards the inside of the wall frame.

However, I don’t believe that is a rule to write in stone, so orient the details how you see fit.

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panel moldingGood for Pilaster Base, Wainscoting

The most common use of this molding is on the inside panels of wainscoting.

But an even better use is for making pilaster bases.

If you’re a Metro Detroit reader and looking for this molding profile, you might try looking at Bolyard Lumber in Rochester or John’s Lumber in Shelby Township.

For the rest of you, the best place to find this profile is at a lumber yard with a large molding department or a specialty molding store.

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fir necking trim molding from lowes home improvement

Panel Molding

A great little molding you can use as an architrave detail for entablatures and fireplace mantels.

It also makes a great wall or ceiling frame molding, especially as a secondary frame to a more dominant one.

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Cove Panel Moldingpine cove molding

A small cove or cavetto molding like this one can be used as a mini crown moding on small designs or as a terminating detail on the top edge of entablatures or fireplace mantels, just to name a few things you can do with it.

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panel molding from lowes home improvement

Panel/Screen Molding

You are likely to find this small bed molding profile labeled as a “screen molding,” presumably to hold screen in place on a porch door or window.

Though I’ve never used it for that purpose, it does make a most excellent inner detail for any kind of inset panel.

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panel moldingOgee Panel/Shingle Molding

If this molding profile had a fan club, I’d join it.  I love it.

It’s perfect for a classical baseboard cap, a plinth cap, for the inside of inset wainscoting panels or as part of a wall frame treatment.

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baseboard shoe molding pre primed1/4 Round Base Shoe

As you may have already guessed, a base shoe molding’s place is at the bottom a baseboard/skirting board.

It is not a classical architectural detail, rather, a practical response to the gap that appears between a uneven floor and the bottom of the baseboard.

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necking trim molding for entablature or plinth blocksAstragal Panel Molding

A molding profile like this can be used for the collar of a pilaster, column or as an entablature architrave.

The latter use is especially common on simple Victorian style entablatures in rural areas.

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baseboard trim molding mdf pre-primedOgee Panel Molding 3-1/4″

This is the little brother of PM-010, a molding profile sold primarily as a baseboard “upgrade” but has many other more important applications.

For instance, I’ve been using it for the inside detail of my wall frames based on this historic building designed by Henry Trost.

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chair rail moldingPanel Molding

Even though this profile is often labeled a “crown molding,” it actually has many ather applications like:

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mdf baseboard skirting board moldingOgee Panel Molding 5-1/4″

You may recognize this profile even if you don’t know much about moldings.  That’s because it’s been used as a baseboard molding in millions of homes.

But what you may not know is that it has many other uses in classical architecture.

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