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Simple updates to our molding makeover that don’t need to be linked to a pillar page.

Half Bathroom Renovation: Molding Around the Vent Fan

How I Dealt with this Limiting Factor
bathroom vent fan moldings

Molding Dissolve vs Molding Wrap

This is a short post to illustrate just one of the many small decisions you’ll be making as you design and install your own moldings.

The two ways you can deal with an interruption in an otherwise continuous molding design like our bathroom wall panels are:

  1. Wrap the entire molding treatment all the way around the interruption.
  2. Dissolve the moldings into the interruption.

Both methods are good choices, but I wanted to de-emphasize the vent fan on the wall, and I felt like the dissolve would do a better job of that than a molding wrap.

But we won’t know for sure until the bathroom is completely finished.

Until then, here are some installation details and tips.

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Half Bathroom Renovation: Installing the Wall Molding Frames

how to install bathroom moldings

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover series.  See all updates here.]

Wall Molding Installation Sequence

  • Scribe layout lines on the walls
  • Install the lowest horizontal rail
  • Install the left and right vertical stiles
  • Install top horizontal rail
  • Install the inner ogee molding starting from the bottom and work up

Now let me show you how I do it, step by step.

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Make DOOR TRIM-103.1 for $35.00

how to install door trim moldingEared Architrave for Small Doors

This eared architrave (also called a shouldered architrave) is the same as DOOR TRIM-103, but is half the width to fit on smaller doors.

I thought it deserved its own pattern number and page, so here are some details and a few pictures of the installed version in our kitchen.

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Showing Off Our Cameo Valance Box Paint Job!

how to install moldings

The frieze is dark blue now to match the other accents in the kitchen.

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

The light is bad in the kitchen where the valance box hangs over our small window, and I just couldn’t get a decent picture of it wearing its new dark cameo blue paint scheme.

Until today when the Tucson sun was shining just right!

This is the color we’re sticking with.  What do you think of it compared to the old cameo color?

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Half Bathroom Renovation: Limiting Factors. Five of Them!

how to install moldings

How will you work your moldings around the limiting factors in your rooms?

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover series.  See all updates here.]

What’s Standing Between You & the Moldings You Want?

Most rooms in your home will have at least one obstacle that gets in the way of installing the moldings you want — like a an AC vent in the path of your crown molding or a door jamb too close to a wall.

You can usually come up with some kind of improvised workaround.  But the challenge is in creating workarounds that look good after the moldings have been installed and painted.

Your solution, ideally, should look natural, as if the room were originally designed with your solution in mind, and not draw too much attention to itself, unless that is your solution, to draw attention to it rather than away from the fix.  Both are acceptable strategies.

Our half bathroom has five such limiting factors.

Here they are in their before condition.

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Test Painting A Ceiling Ornamment Gold

woodworking applique onlay

Woodworking appliques are beautiful in simple white. If you feel bold though, add a splash of color.

[This is part of our Our Molding Makeover.  See all updates here.]

I thought I’d paint the center of this applique gold to see how it looks up against our blue ceiling border.

Come take a look and tell me what you think!

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Half Bathroom Renovation Part 3: Ceiling Rosettes and Border Test Color

woodworking applique round rosette

The small rosette on the right was our first choice, but now we’ve decided on the larger.

Lately we’ve been playing around with the ceiling rosettes and the accent border color dimensions in our half bathroom.

And it’s a good thing, too, because this layout has helped us decide we want a larger rosette than the one we originally chose (the one on the right was our original choice).

The accent border still needs some work, and with any luck I’ll get to that tomorrow.  Once I’m happy with the border I can install the small molding on the ceiling that will edge the border color.

The time it takes to play with these design elements is well worth it.  So try adding some test colors when creating accent borders on ceilings and walls when you install your own moldings.


Bang, Bang, Psssssssh! Wet Walls & Stud Finders

how to install bathroom moldings

Don’t do what I did. A few notes on wet walls can help avoid calling the plumber.

Think Before you Hammer

I drove the nail through the baseboard with one final, satisfying whack.  And then I heard a faint hissing sound.

Pressing my ear to the wall I listened in disbelief.

Sure enough, the sound was coming from inside the wall.  A hissing sound.  I am such a dork!

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Tucson Historic Building Inspires Our Half Bathroom Project

tucson arizona historic architecture

That’s Jennifer in the alcove waiving you in for a closer look.

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Friday Updates: Half Bath and Posting Schedule

powder room renovation

You there! Have a great weekend!

I’m re-priming the half bathroom for two reasons:

  1. Jennifer was having a hard time visualizing her new color scheme with the old colors still on the walls and…
  2. I want to sketch my layout lines against white primer so I can show you more clearly what I have in mind for the moldings.

So for both of us the white primer is like working on a fresh canvas.

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Half Bathroom Renovation Part 1: Moldings From Floor to Ceiling Rough Sketches

powder room molding ideas

It helps me to visualize the designs if I tape them up and live with them for a few days before committing to buying materials.  Jennifer is testing accent colors too.

I want this project to be an answer to those who say you should not put a lot of moldings in a small room.  Short of a closet, you can’t get too much smaller than our little half bathroom.

So I want to fill the room with moldings from floor to ceiling.  Here are the sketches that have made the final cut and a photo of the historic baseboard that’s serving as my inspiration.

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Would Someone Please Sell Me a Color Fan?

jennifer the sassy sensual wifeBy Jennifer

Here’s an odd contradiction about the 21st century: online pharmacies beg to sell me drugs I am anatomically unqualified to use, clothiers dog me from website to website, promising me a discount on a shirt I flirted with a month ago, and ads gibber and dance in the online columns of The New York Times itself, but when I am eager — nay, determined — to spend money, I find that I can’t.

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Half Bathroom Molding Renovation Starts this Weekend!

half bathroom moldings

It’s about time I get going on our half bath molding makeover.  The demo starts this weekend.

It’s a typical little downstairs half bathroom with some molding design challenges.

For one, the ceiling is low because the HVAC ducting runs above it, and that means there is little room for a whole door trim let alone a crown molding.  But we live in Tucson, it’s 113 degrees outside today, so the AC duct stays put.

But there are solutions to these problems, so here’s a sneak-peak at what’s in store for our little half bath. Continue Reading →


WAINSCOTING-109 Part 6: Prepping for Paint

how to paint wainscoting

[This is part of our WAINSCOTING-109 Installation series.]

Preparing the Wainscoting for Paint

Moldings rarely get installed perfectly the first time around.  Now is the time all those little imperfections or embarrassing mistakes can be taken care of.

All of these preparation steps help you get your moldings to an ever-increasing state of perfection.

These are the steps I follow to prepare moldings for paint:

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