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All door trim designs in The Joy of Moldings Pattern Book

Historic DOOR TRIM-118 in Lexington, Michigan

door trim

Greek Revival front door surround with transom.

Traditional/Greek Revival Style, c. 1870

The other day I was riding my bike down the gravel farm roads of Michigan’s thumb area, when I found this elegant front door surround in the charming town of Lexington.

Lexington sits on the shore of Lake Huron, and has been a popular summer vacation destination for a very long time, even as far back as when this home was built.

Note how this surround compares to the last one I posted, DOOR TRIM-117.

greek revival historic home

Greek Revival historic home in Lexington, Michigan.

Greek Revival moldings can be highly ornate or simple like this one. To build one like this would be a very easy thing to do, which makes me scratch my head and wonder why more people don’t replicate them.

In its understated simplicity, this door surround sends the powerful message that the visitors who enter by way of the front door are important.

2016 Molding Safaris

This year I want to take you inside a series of historic homes that I find on my travels, either by car or by bicycle, hence the molding safaris. I’ll cover the major period styles I highlight here on TJOM: Traditional, Victorian and Arts & Crafts.

But this being mid-winter in Michigan, I could not find a soul to take me inside any of the homes I found this weekend. But at least I was lucky enough to find one open pub in Lexington where I was served a tasty hot lunch. But not a single motel was open, so I had to zoom north to Port Sanilac to snag the one available motel room in the area.

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Historic DOOR TRIM-117 in Almont, Michigan

historic front door molding

Traditional Style, c. 1850

I was driving to my sister’s house in a rural part of Michigan, when I spotted this Greek Revival door surround on the front of this abandoned farmhouse.

I’ve seen this house before, but today is the day I finally stopped to take a picture. And rather than wait to get home to write a post about it, I’m writing it right here on the side of the road using my iPad. This is a first for me.

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door trimTraditional Style

I found this beautiful door surround last summer gracing the hall of an historic building in Grand Rapids Michigan.

I think the building is an art college of some sort, though I don’t remember exactly because we were looking at all of the wonderful art displays during Art Prize. This year, when I attend Art Prize again, I’ll find out the name of the building and what it’s original purpose was.

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How to Make DOOR TRIM-105 for $27.03

craftsman style moldingCraftsman Style

If you’ve been thinking of converting your newer home into something more Craftsman bungalow-ish, then this door surround would be a great place to start.

It’s very easy and affordable to install, a beginner can do it on their first try, yet the results will be far from ordinary.

That’s because this wide molding, painted white and set against a colorful wall, makes such a visual impact that it is part of the reason we cherish those old bungalows so very much.

Here are some tips to help get you started.

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DOOR TRIM-116: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

heartland birmingham michiganGeorgian/Traditional Style

This conversation happened before the ambulance crew removed my dad from the stretcher and onto his new bed.

Me: Hey dad, did you see all those moldings under the portico and in the lobby?

Dad: What moldings?

Me: How could you not see that beautiful door surround, the eared architraves and the coffered ceiling? You were lying flat on your back and looking up the whole time!

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corner blockTraditional Style, c. 1828 – 33

These photos are courtesy of the Library of Congress.

This ornate corner block is from the Connecticut Greek Revival home of Captain William Webb Wakeman.

You could make similar corner blocks for your traditional style home with a few simple materials you can buy at your local lumber yard.

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Make DOOR TRIM-103.1 for $35.00

how to install door trim moldingEared Architrave for Small Doors

This eared architrave (also called a shouldered architrave) is the same as DOOR TRIM-103, but is half the width to fit on smaller doors.

I thought it deserved its own pattern number and page, so here are some details and a few pictures of the installed version in our kitchen.

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How to Make DOOR TRIM-115 Corbel Entablature for c. $19.91 Part 1

corbels for doorwayVictorian & Traditional Styles

This is what I call a corbel entablature, and it’s just the thing for an opening that has no room for door trim.

You can use any style corbel (or bracket) you want.  And just think how much fun you’ll have choosing your own because there are so many to choose from!

This page is where I’ll show you what materials you’ll need and how to put DOOR TRIM-115 together.

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How to Build ENTABLATURE-100 for About $22.42 ea.

how to build a mdf victorian door header entablatureVictorian Style

This post shows you step by step how to make this beautiful entablature from simple moldings you can buy just about anywhere.

And while it may look complicated to build, I assure you that it’s really very simple once you understand the sequence.

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How to Build PILASTER-103 for About $35.67

how to make diy pilaster for door trim moldingTraditional & Victorian Styles

Think of a pilaster as nothing more than a column flattened against a wall.  Some are fluted, some are flat and some, like this one, have inset panels.

The inset panels add that extra detail — elevating the door surround they are installed on to senior status in the home — so save them for more public rooms (Read more about Architectural Subordination here.) especially easy and affordable to build.

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How to Make PLINTH BLOCK-101

diy mdf victorian style plinth block moldingTraditional Style

DIY for $ (Not worth calculating the cost because they are so inexpensive to make.)

This easy to build plinth block is appropriate for Victorian style door surrounds only.

The necking  molding (called an astragal) gives it a senior status over simple, flat-stock style Victorian plinths.

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How to Build DOOR TRIM-114 for About $60.00

how to build a victorian style door surroundVictorian Style

Finish Carpenter Price c. $600.00

This design is based on Victorian door surrounds I’ve seen all over the U.S. and Canada.

It’s a favorite pattern here on The Joy of Moldings, and now you can make it yourself using this page as your portal to all of the step by step installation and painting posts in this series.

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How to Make PLINTH BLOCK-100

how to make a plinth blockTraditional Style

DIY for About $ (so cheap it’s not even worth calculating!)

I like to terminate most door trim moldings on top of beefy plinth blocks like these.

The plinths give the door trim something substantial to rest on, just like in Classical Greek architecture.  They also provide a place to terminate the larger baseboards I just know you’re going to install.

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How to Install DOOR TRIM-133 for About $52.84

craftsman style mdf door trim molding entablatureVictorian & Craftsman Style

With its simple lines, affordable materials and ease of assembly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t build this door surround at home this weekend.

This is one of those historic door trim patterns that I’ve seen all over the country, and especially in rural Victorian farmhouses.

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How to Make DOOR TRIM-103 for About $75.00

diy mdf door trim molding greek revivalTraditional Style

If you’re looking for a door trim pattern that won’t go out of style, then this eared architrave should meet your needs — it’s been around for 2,500 years.

I’ve seen eared architraves in historic homes all across North America, both in grand mansions as well as humble farmhouses.

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