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All picture rail molding designs in The Joy of Moldings Pattern Book

How to Install PICTURE RAIL-108 for About $0.96/ft

how to install picture rail moldingTraditional and Victorian Style

These instructions show you how I installed this picture rail molding on q kitchen brick wall.

I was only going to install it as an accent above the wainscoting, but it looked so nice after I painted the dark blue border below it that I extended it into the rest of the kitchen.

It’s very easy to install, and is a totally functional picture rail that you can hang pictures or other decor from.

Here’s how I did it.

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PICTURE RAIL-107 DIY for About $1.52/ft

antique picture rail hooks and moldingTraditional & Victorian Styles

There’s no better way to rearrange your pictures with every passing fancy than with a functional picture rail molding.

The sheer variety of picture hanging cords and beautiful antique replica hardware hooks available today is nearly overwhelming, and collecting them is almost reason enough to install your own picture rail.

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