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All window trim designs in The joy of Moldings Pattern Book

Make WINDOW TRIM-102 for c. $183.18 Part 1

window trimTraditional Style

The moment I laid my eyes on these tall windows, I knew exactly what kind of surround I wanted to build around them.

And this corbeled entablature is the result.

The design might look familiar to you if you’ve already looked at my DOOR TRIM-115 pattern, which is a simplified version of this one.

But there’s another reason why it might be familiar to you.

Well, at least to those of you readers who’ve strolled the streets of Royal Oak, Michigan.

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Make WINDOW TRIM-101 for About $29.00

craftsman window trimCraftsman Style

[This is part of The Joy of Craftsman Moldings series.]

Your house does not need to have a three-pained, leaded glass window like this one in order to create this beautiful window surround, nor do you need a historic home.

All you need is a typical picture window to wrap a few simple moldings around, and before you know it you’ll have an accurate historic reproduction!

Here are some tips on how to do it.

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WINDOW TRIM-100: In the Senate Chamber of Congress Hall, Philadelphia

window trim moldingsTraditional Style

All photos in this post were provided through the legendary generosity of my good friend, Greg Roth.

Here are the interior window surrounds in the Senate chamber on the second floor of Congress Hall.

They are a classical style called eared architraves, sometimes called shouldered or lugged architraves, and are very easy to make.

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How to Make a Craftsman Style Window Surround

detroit moldings & Millwork

crafstman arts and crafts style door trimBen Asks

Hi Ken,

I am currently installing in my basement my version of your BASEBOARD-100 (5 inch 3/4 mdf + 1.5 inch 1/2 mdf).

I will also do the DOOR TRIM-133 in craftsman style for the doors and windows.

Just one question concerning the windows. What to do with the bottom? I’m trying to find examples on your website but can’t find any.



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