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Craftsman Moldings & Crepes in Tucson’s Cafe Marcel

craftsman style moldings

This Craftsman style historic bungalow is now a cozy cafe. Coffee, crepes and moldings!

[This is part of The Joy of Craftsman Moldings series.]

A Cafe Just Like Home

Walking into this Craftsman style home in Tucson is like walking into my aunt’s 1923 Craftsman bungalow in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Similar beautiful door and window surrounds.  Same large baseboards.  Same creaky wood floors and even the same wonderful smells drifting from the kitchen.

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Nonce Orders. Why There’s a Lizard in the Architecture

column capital nonce order

A regal column capital and a regal horned lizard make up this Tucson, Spanish Baroque facade.

This may be my only chance to seamlessly combine my two greatest passions — architectural detail and wildlife biology — into one post.  And do it without contrivance.

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Tucson Historic Building Inspires Our Half Bathroom Project

tucson arizona historic architecture

That’s Jennifer in the alcove waiving you in for a closer look.

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