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The Joy of Moldings — 2013 Changes

Dear Subscribers to The Joy of Moldings,

It’s been a year since I went live with this blog, and the growth in readership has been tremendous.

I want to thank you for subscribing, commenting and sending pictures of your completed molding projects that the blog helped inspire.

Standard Theme

You may have noticed the recent changes to the blog theme.  The theme is the new version of Standard, the best-coded WordPress theme available.

Think of a blog theme in construction terms.  In the same way that a poorly-framed house will not function well, neither will a poorly-coded blog theme.  And Standard is coded with the same skill and passion as dedicated team of craftsmen building a house.

This new theme will make it easier for you to view the blog on all kinds of tablet devices, especially iPads.  It is also one of the fastest loading themes out there, and that means you get to the information you want faster than ever.  I hope you like it!


Ken O’Brien

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