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How to Build VALANCE BOX-101 for About $14.54

kitchen window cornice valance box made of mdfTraditional Style

A window valance box — more properly called a pelmet — is perfect for hiding your blinds’ ugly roll up mechanism.

We built this one for our small kitchen window for just that reason.  It’s really easy to make, and considering how inexpensive the materials are, you could have one on every window!

valance box tutorialHow to Build a Valance Box for $14.54 >>

This is an extremely detailed post that shows you all the materials we used to make this valance box and has lots of installation pictures and even some video.

Cameo Blues!

Want to see the frieze on this valance box painted in two different blues?  Great!

Because we tried two different blues colors on the freize of this valance box, one medium blue, the other dark blue.  You can see them here: Before & After: Valance Box Frieze Painted Cameo Blue.

2 Responses to How to Build VALANCE BOX-101 for About $14.54

  1. rich November 14, 2012 at 7:34 PM #

    ken these valance boxes are very nice,
    what are the dimensions of pieces that you used for this project?


    i do like the lighter blue! lol!

  2. Ken November 15, 2012 at 9:14 AM #

    Hi Rich,

    The exact dimensions of the molding profiles we used to make the valance box you can find here on our DIY Molding Inventory Page.

    But that page is taking too long to load on iPads and smart phones (so say our readers), so I’m breaking it up into individual posts for each molding profile. The old page will remain a molding index/resource page.

    The box part of your valance box dimensions will be dependant on the width of your window and how large you want your valance box to be. I’ve seen some pretty gigantic, top-heavy, towering, gaudy examples of valance boxes on the web, so let me give you what I feel is the most important limiting factor, the frieze height (the frieze being the center flat portion).

    Our valance box is small, so our frieze is only 2″ tall. The rest of the box you build to accomodate the moldings you wrap around it.

    But if you want a larger valance box, then I would not make the frieze any taller than 4″. Beyond that — in any size room — you run the risk of making something just obnoxious and unbalanced. A little restraint will go a long way to creating a beautiful valance box.

    Glad you like it. I’ll be building lots more valance boxes in the coming year, and will start with a Craftsman style.

    Let us know how yours turns out Rich!

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