How to Build ARCHWAY-101 Part 4: Keystone Materials & Layout

[This is part of my ARCHWAY-101 series.] I used these few simple layout techniques to find the exact spot where the Flex Trim needs to end. This allowed me to drop the keystone right in place after the I installed…


ARCHWAY-101 Part 3: How to Make the Pilaster Core

[This is part of my ARCHWAY-101 series.] Since this is the only surviving picture of this installation sequence, you’re going to have to use your imagination to fill in the sequences that have been lost to the digital sands of…


How to Build ARCHWAY-101 Part 2: Materials Inventory $594.26

[This is part of my ARCHWAY-101 series.] The moldings I used to make these pilasters you should be able to find at a local lumber yard that has a good molding & millwork department, or at a specialty molding retailer….

Molding & Millwork Inventory, Panel Molding Profiles


Astragal Profile You can use this classical molding profile as a collar on entablatures, pilasters, columns or newel posts. It also will serve you well as a panel molding for an ornate ceiling or wall. A few other profiles I…

Crown Molding Profiles, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Bed Molding A common molding profile used as part of larger architectural buildups. It was a popular element on Craftsman style entablatures and newel posts, but that’s just a start. In fact, you’ll find it on historic buildings as far…

Installation & Design Tips

A Room With a Blue. French c. 1760-70

[This is part of my How to Install Moldings series.} These ornate wall panels and ornaments were taken from a château near Amiens, France, and then somehow found their way to the Detroit Institute of Arts and reassembled. I’m posting…

Molding & Millwork Inventory, Panel Molding Profiles


Ovolo Molding This molding profile is commonly used as an astragal on a pilaster (like I built for ARCHWAY-100 and 101) or on a column. I’ve also used it on many entablatures, just above the frieze to support the soffit…


How to Make DOOR TRIM-105 for $27.03

Craftsman Style If you’ve been thinking of converting your newer home into something more Craftsman bungalow-ish, then this door surround would be a great place to start. It’s very easy and affordable to install, a beginner can do it on…


How to Make BASEBOARD-101 for $1.23/lf

Craftsman & Victorian Style 8′ Wide X 3/4″ Thick This is one of the simplest, most affordable and dramatic baseboard molding design known to man. Seriously, buy a sheet of mdf board, rip it down to 8″ or 10″ strips,…