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Nonce Orders. Why There’s a Lizard in the Architecture

This may be my only chance to seamlessly combine my two greatest passions — architectural detail and wildlife biology — into one post.  And do it without contrivance.


How to Make DOOR TRIM-115 Corbel Entablature Part 2: The Fascia & Crown

Posts in This Series How to Make DOOR TRIM-115 Corbel Entablature Part 1 How to Make DOOR TRIM-115 Corbel Entablature Part 2 Entablatures of this style, a hooded entablature (with both a soffit and fascia) that is supported by corbels,…

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Bang, Bang, Psssssssh! Wet Walls & Stud Finders

Think Before you Hammer I drove the nail through the baseboard with one final, satisfying whack.  And then I heard a faint hissing sound. Pressing my ear to the wall I listened in disbelief. Sure enough, the sound was coming…

Our Molding Makeover Updates

Friday Updates: Half Bath and Posting Schedule

I’m re-priming the half bathroom for two reasons: Jennifer was having a hard time visualizing her new color scheme with the old colors still on the walls and… I want to sketch my layout lines against white primer so I…

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How to Make DOOR TRIM-115 Corbel Entablature for c. $19.91 Part 1

Victorian & Traditional Styles This is what I call a corbel entablature, and it’s just the thing for an opening that has no room for door trim. You can use any style corbel (or bracket) you want.  And just think…

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Half Bathroom Renovation Part 1: Moldings From Floor to Ceiling Rough Sketches

I want this project to be an answer to those who say you should not put a lot of moldings in a small room.  Short of a closet, you can’t get too much smaller than our little half bathroom. So…

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Would Someone Please Sell Me a Color Fan?

By Jennifer Here’s an odd contradiction about the 21st century: online pharmacies beg to sell me drugs I am anatomically unqualified to use, clothiers dog me from website to website, promising me a discount on a shirt I flirted with…