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Installation & Design Tips

Frankentrim: “You Get What You Pay For” or “Beware the Low Bid”

[This is part of my Hiring a Finish Carpenter Tips series] I like to keep things very positive on my blog, and so I prefer not to critique other carpenter’s work because we all work at different experience levels. But if…

Installation & Design Tips

Hiring a Finish Carpenter Tips

[This post is part of my How to Install Moldings series.] Not everyone has the time or desire to install their own moldings.  So I’m writing this series of posts for those of you who will contract the installation of your…

Jennifer's Nest

Moldings, Mom & Race Cars

By Jennifer We stopped by to see my folks yesterday — Ken needed to borrow my dad’s circular saw — and while the guys went out to the garage to inspect the race car, mom talked animatedly about her latest…


PZ Ranch House Moldings

About ten miles north of the dusty desert town of Mammoth, Arizona, you’ll see a dilapidated homestead with a red tin roof.  I knew it as the PZ Ranch, and passed it every day when I lived in Aravaipa Canyon….

Our Molding Makeover Updates

Kitchen Wainscoting Update: Foundation, Picture Rail, Cap Installed

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.] We had company this last week, so it was a good time to clear the kitchen and living room of molding materials and tools. We still have to install: Pedestals for…

Our Molding Makeover Updates

Kitchen Wainscoting Update

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.] If I can stop second-guessing myself on tiny design issues, I’d be much farther ahead on this project than I am right now. One minute I’m completely confident that’s the right…

Reader Mail

A Happy New Reader

You guys are a godsend!  I have no clue how I found your site, but I am ecstatic to start reading and following your directions.  Thank you for listing the material guide, it is very helpful. Keep up the great…

Ask Ken, Crown Molding

Dave’s Kitchen Crown Molding Challenge

[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.] Other Posts in Dave’s Series Dave’s Kitchen Crown Molding Challenge Dave’s Foyer Moldings Corner Blocks for Dave’s Living Room & Foyer Archways Ken, I’ve read most of your website and…

Jennifer's Nest

Customize Your Home in Small Ways

By Jennifer If you’ve been following the story so far, you know that Ken urges people to make relatively inexpensive changes that have a huge impact.  Moldings and painting are his prime examples of this principle.  But some of the…