crown molding pre-primedOgee Crown Molding, 2-1/8″

Always use a crown molding this small as part of a larger buildup.

It has no impact when it’s installed as a single-piece crown molding, though that is perhaps its most common use here in the states.

The pine material this one is made from is not the best quality, causing it to shrink and warp at scarf joints. So, just don’t use it where there is a scarf joint.

Prices & Specs

  • Price Per Foot  $1.10
  • Price Per Unit  $8.80/8′ stick
  • Material  Pine, pre-primed
  • Projection  1-1/2″
  • Drop  2-1/8″
  • Spring Angle  45 degrees
  • Vendor  Lumber yard

Patterns That Use This Molding Profile

CROWN MOLDING-108 (coming soon)


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