Presenting the Long-Awaited Finished Project Photos

diy mdf fireplace mantel

Notice the door surround reflected in the mirror above the fireplace.  Nice touch, Greg.

[This post is part of my How to Build FIREPLACE MANTEL-102 for $162.00 series.]

Sometimes the task of taking a few nice pictures of a finished molding installation project gets neglected in the mad rush to finish one project and then move on to the next.

That’s exactly what happened when I finished building and painting this fireplace mantel.

But thanks to Greg, who took the time to take some nice photos and send them to me, I now present to you his Federal style fireplace mantel with its applied appliques and final coats of paint.

diy fireplace mantel

Benjamin Moore oil-based trim paint, Satin Impervo, goes no like liquid porcelain.

About the Project

I built this fireplace using simple materials I bought from local lumber yards and molding retailers.  The only special order items were the resin corbels and the compo appliques.

fireplace mantel free plans

The left side capital with square rosette and Colonial style resin corbel.

The condo has an open floor plan and a vaulted ceiling, which lends itself perfectly to dividing up the main floor with moldings.

The first phase of the project was to build the mantel, and then later we added a flying crown molding, entablature over the master bedroom door and baseboards.

fireplace frieze ornaments

A compo applique from Decorators Supply is the fireplace focal point.

This wheat and ribbon motif was popular during the American Federal Period.

resin fireplace corbel

A Neoclassical style corbel supports the mantel frieze and shelf.

These beautiful resin corbels were very affordable.  Unfortunately, the company I bought them from no longer carries them.

ornate fireplace mantel capital

The right side capital and corbel.

rectangular compo rosette

A compo resin applique from Decorators Supply.

The fireplace is paint color is Benjamin Moore White Dove, OC-17.

resin fireplace corbel

We painted the fireplace box a dark sage green as an accent against the lighter sage green in the rest of the living room area, below the flying crown molding.

fireplace mantel free plans

A cozy fire is all this fireplace mantel needs now.


how to build a fireplace mantel

Resin corbel from Outwater Plastics.

This was such a  fun project, as is always the case when working with friends.

diy fireplace mantel kit

A Federal style applique for the frieze for a friend who loves all things from the Federal period.

woodworking ornaments for mantel

Wheat and ribbon compo applique from Decorators Supply in Chicago.

I’ll be posting a summary of this entire project, complete with a total for what it might cost for you to undertake the same type of project.

fireplace mantel for townhouse condo

You can build a fireplace mantel like this one, it’s really pretty easy.  Here are links to the entire step by step process.

Good luck!

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