crown moldingTraditional Style

Some of these pictures may look familiar to you since they make up my post on how to make a crown molding finial return.

But this time I want to focus on the crown molding itself.

Especially now that I have the original crown model I made for Greg way back when I was working up the design (Thanks for saving it Greg!).

crown molding buildup

Now that I have the model, I can dissect the pattern for you and show you its anatomy: it’s parts rather than merely their sum.

You may recall that I based this crown molding pattern on one I found in a Federal Style Pattern Book.

The design translated perfectly into a flying crown molding for Greg’s former great room with cathedral ceiling.

crown molding

Prior to adding the crown, the room felt like a large, vague box.

But note how adding the flying crown molding allowed us to divide the room horizontally; painting below the crown a warm sage green and above a much lighter shade of green from the same paint chip.

So easy. So powerful.

flying crown molding

Not Just a Flying Crown Molding

This crown molding can be installed like a regular crown against the ceiling by simply adding a thicker flat-stock soffit — all other dimensions stay the same.


Materials Needed to Make this Crown Molding

easy crown molding

1. Cornice Cove, Cove Molding: $0.52/lf

More about PM-003 here >>

2. Cornice Soffit, Flat-Stock: $0.86.lf

More about FS-001 here >>

3. Crown Molding: $1.10/lf

You will need a small crown molding for this pattern. Make sure you buy one with very good resolution.

More about CM-012 here >>

4. Lower Detail: $0.60/lf

More about PM-008 here >>


Installation Tips

Don’t forget to glue all contact surfaces.

crown molding

crown molding

Step 1  Install the lower detail on the wall. Use Liquid Nails on the back of this molding and make sure you nail to the studs. Use a stud finder to locate studs.

Step 2  Use a gauge block or a sliding square to mark a line showing you where the bottom of the crown molding is located on the lower detail. Glue and nail the crown molding in place.

Step 3  Glue and nail the soffit in place.

Really, you could also do this as Step 2. Your choice.

Step 4  Glue and nail the cove molding in place.

And that’s all there is to it.

Here’s my How to Paint Moldings series if you need help with prep and paint.

Good luck installing your own flying crown molding!

[This post is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.]