molding and millworkFlat-Stock Panel

This is the first time I’ll be using this pre-cut flat-stock board for a center panel for displaying an ornament.

The center panel is where I’ll apply the scroll and acanthus leaf compo applique, and these compo appliques need a porous surface to adhere to.

In the past I’ve always glued compo appliques to mdf board by applying a separate glue to the back of the applique, but this time I want to use the glue that’s integral to the compo.

Specs and Price

  • Unit Price  $3.24
  • Material  Poplar
  • Dimensions  2′ Long X 5-1/2″ Wide X 5/16″ Thick
  • Vendor  Home Depot

You can find this piece in or near Home Depot’s molding & millwork isle in a free-standing box.  They call it something like “Hobby Boards.”

[This post is part of my Molding & Millwork Inventory series.]