[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

I really like using this pre-primed MDF flat-stock from Lowes, and have used it in many of my architectural details.

I’m going to rip this molding in half and then I’ll use the exposed edge as the cornice front.  I want the exposed edge of the crown molding cornice to have a crisper edge than what the stock profile comes with, so ripping the flat-stock in half is my first step.

Crown Molding Cornice MDF

Rip the MDF flat-stock in half.

Crown molding cornice material

I’ve ripped the flat-stock down the middle on my table saw. Now I just need to sand the cut edge.

Saw marks on molding.

Saw marks are easily sanded out with a palm sander.

No more saw marks.

No more saw marks on the cornice.

Note: I will have to prime this edge, of course.

Crown Molding Cornice Material

All pieces have been sanded and are now ready to install.

Next step: Install the lower crown molding detail and then the cornice.


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