wainscoting on kitchen brick wall

Paint scheme inspired by Pan’s Temple (blue version) at Osterley Park, England.

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

We’ve decided to continue the picture rail molding all the way around the kitchen so we can paint the frieze dark blue.  Now we’re off to Phoenix to buy our picture rail from Saguaro Mouldings.  I’m hoping to have the entire kitchen finished this weekend if I can get these things taken care of:

  1. Install, prime and paint the picture rail molding
  2. Paint the frieze dark blue
  3. Paint the pilasters an ivory-white and the neck dark blue (maybe)
  4. Paint the dark blue inside the eared architrave door moldings
  5. Paint final coat of wall paint
kitchen wainscoting

The frieze in Hedfort House, a Robert Adam design in Ireland, inspired the dark blue in our frieze, window valance box and door trim.

This week I’ll be posting the wainscoting diy step by step sequences with prices and paint colors included.

Cheers, Ken & Jennifer

P.S.  See the blue version of Pan’s Temple at Osterley Park here (external link).