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CROWN MOLDING, DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book

How to Install CROWN MOLDING-104 for c. $5.17/lf

Victorian Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $18.00/lf + $20.00/Corner or Return You or your finish carpenter can make this crown molding by stacking four separate molding profiles together. The design is a hybrid of sorts from several crowns I’ve seen…

Pattern Book, PILASTERS

Delicate Fluted PILASTER-101

Traditional Style, 1754 Can you see it? Can you see the capital of a very small pilaster behind the coffee pot and supporting the figurehead? I didn’t even notice it until after I got home and was sorting through the…

Pattern Book, WINDOW TRIM

Make WINDOW TRIM-102 for c. $183.18 Part 1

Traditional Style The moment I laid my eyes on these tall windows, I knew exactly what kind of surround I wanted to build around them. And this corbeled entablature is the result. The design might look familiar to you if…



Traditional Style, 1913 Photos courtesy of Paul Castrilli. This tall wainscoting, located in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the perfect thing to grace the walls of your great room. And even though it’s finished with…


Molding Painting Tip: Use Primer to Help You Choose Colors

[This is part of my FIREPLACE MANTEL-103 and How to Paint Moldings series.] The homeowner on this project wasn’t sure what color her new fireplace moldings should be — white like the large crown molding above or something more subtle….

CROWN MOLDING, DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book

How to Install CROWN MOLDING-102 for About $7.50 Per Foot: Part 1

Traditional Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $25.00/lf  + $30.00/corner This is what I’ve come to call, for lack of a better term, a soffit crown molding. This means that the projection of the crown molding (the part the extends from…


How to Build FIREPLACE MANTEL-103 for $333.08

Traditional Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $1,800.00 and Up Even though most of our houses are heated through the miracle of central heat, the fireplace is still the center of the home. And with such an important role as warming…


How to Make DOOR TRIM-105 for $27.03

Craftsman Style If you’ve been thinking of converting your newer home into something more Craftsman bungalow-ish, then this door surround would be a great place to start. It’s very easy and affordable to install, a beginner can do it on…


How to Make BASEBOARD-101 for $1.23/lf

Craftsman & Victorian Style 8′ Wide X 3/4″ Thick This is one of the simplest, most affordable and dramatic baseboard molding design known to man. Seriously, buy a sheet of mdf board, rip it down to 8″ or 10″ strips,…