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DIY Molding Projects, WINDOW TRIM

Make WINDOW TRIM-101 for About $29.00

Craftsman Style [This is part of The Joy of Craftsman Moldings series.] Your house does not need to have a three-pained, leaded glass window like this one in order to create this beautiful window surround, nor do you need a…


WINDOW TRIM-100: In the Senate Chamber of Congress Hall, Philadelphia

Traditional Style All photos in this post were provided through the legendary generosity of my good friend, Greg Roth. Here are the interior window surrounds in the Senate chamber on the second floor of Congress Hall. They are a classical…


DOOR TRIM-116: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Georgian/Traditional Style This conversation happened before the ambulance crew removed my dad from the stretcher and onto his new bed. Me: Hey dad, did you see all those moldings under the portico and in the lobby? Dad: What moldings? Me:…

ARCHWAYS, DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book

How to Build ARCHWAY-101 For c. $594.26

Traditional Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $2,600.00 You can build this beautiful archway with little more than MDF board, simple moldings from your lumber yard and special order Flex Trim moldings. It’s not hard to do, it just requires a…

DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book, VENT COVER

How to Install VENT COVER-100

Traditional Style This was a quick and simple answer to the original, and very boring, air vent cover. See the before & after post here >> The few simple steps it takes to make this are posted below. But I…


FIREPLACE MANTEL-101: For Rooms With No Chimney

Traditional Style For lack of a better, catchier name, I call this a faux fireplace mantel. It was created to give this small living room the charm of a fireplace where there isn’t an actual chimney. And prior to this…

ARCHWAYS, Pattern Book


Traditional Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $3,500.00 This archway started out as a typical, contractor-grade square opening with a measly three pieces of moldings framing it. With a little planning, some mdf board, moldings from my local lumber yards, flexible…



Traditional Style, c. 1828 – 33 These photos are courtesy of the Library of Congress. This ornate corner block is from the Connecticut Greek Revival home of Captain William Webb Wakeman. You could make similar corner blocks for your traditional…



Traditional Style c. 1780 Photos courtesy of Greg Roth. This beautiful antique marble mantel comes from Bowcliffe Hall, England. The Detroit Institute of Arts list the artist as “unknown.” Whoever the artist was, however, it seems that he was influenced…