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Half Bathroom Renovation: Moldings Around the Light Switch

How I Install Moldings Around a Light Switch

door trim next to light switch

Moldings around bathroom light switch.

Important:  I am in no way qualified to give electrical advice of any kind.   This post is simply to show you how I handled this part of the project.  You should consult a licenced electrician first.

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover series.  See all updates here.]

One of the limiting factors that controlled how wide my vertical stiles could be was how close this light switch is to the bathroom door (see Limiting Factors.  Five of Them!)

It also forced me to consider whether or not I should wrap the inner ogee panel moldings around the little frame I made for the light switch, or should I dissolve the panel moldings through the light switch frame.

Because I chose to dissolve the panel molding through the frame I built for the exhaust fan (see Molding Around the Vent Fan) on another wall, then to be consistent I did the same here.

large moldings in small room

You can use an arc shield to extend a wall outlet like this one.

More about arc shields here >>

The next post in this series will show how I installed the large baseboard moldings.  See you there!

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2 Responses to Half Bathroom Renovation: Moldings Around the Light Switch

  1. Corey Graham December 4, 2012 at 10:06 AM #

    Curious – what do you plan on doing around the top of the door here?

  2. Ken December 4, 2012 at 10:43 AM #

    Corey I’m going to improvise a bed molding and fillet combination up there.

    There was little room for a crown up there even under the best of circumstances. Adding to the trouble I installed the ceiling frame along the wrong layout lines. So like I say, I’ll have to improvise on that.

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