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Miter Saw Blade for Cutting Moldings

miter saw blade12″, 80 Tooth Miter Saw Blade

[This is part of my Molding Installation Tool Kit series.]

A good blade for your 10″ or 12″ miter saw is just as important as the saw itself.

Most miter saws come with a general purpose blade, so you’ll need to replace your original blade with a finish blade, like this 80-tooth Kobalt blade I bought from Lowes Home Improvement.

Until now I’ve been cutting moldings with the general-purpose blade that came with the used, Rigid miter saw I bought for Our Molding Makeover, just so I could show you what can be done with the most basic of tools.

This Kobalt is a good upgrade for the money, and will cut your moldings just fine.

For me it will be a significant upgrade, and I’ll be so happy to start using it on my next molding project — building a valance box (pelmet) for our master bedroom. (Read this post by Jennifer to find out why we started this project right now.)

Price and Specs

  • Unit Price  $40.00
  • Size  12″
  • Tooth Count  80
  • Material  Carbide Tipped
  • Vendor  Lowes Home Improvement

Even Better Blades

If you want an even better blade, then you can spend two-three times more money on these other high-quality saw blade brands:

  • AGE
  • Bosch
  • Diablo
  • Freud
  • Systematic
  • Tenryu

Learn More About Miter Saw Blades

If you want to learn more about miter saw blades, there are many well-written articles and woodworking forum discussions on the subject. A quick search will turn up enough results to keep you busy reading for a few hours.

For our purposes, this simple upgraded saw blade will be such a welcome change from my old blade, that I’ll think I’ve died and gone to perfect-miter heaven!

miter saw blades

My new 80-tooth blade on the left compared to my old general purpose miter saw blade right.

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4 Responses to Miter Saw Blade for Cutting Moldings

  1. Tom January 22, 2013 at 10:30 AM #

    I have a Festool Kapex mitre saw – it comes with 250 (10″) 60 tooth blade which works well. But the one that scares the bejsus out of me is the CMT blade I have in my table saw – again it’s a 250 mm, but now 40 tooth, but has cutting width of 1.5mm (1/16″) as opposed to the Kapexe’s 3mm (1/8″) – The CMT blade cuts wood like butter and leave hardly any breakout – very important for trim work, it also tends not to grab the workpiece but it’s evil…how can a blade be evil…get one and you will see…so when my Kapex blade becomes ready for replacement, I will will replace with the CMT blade. I think this is the blade

  2. Ken January 22, 2013 at 3:01 PM #

    Thanks for the tip, Tom.

  3. Jim Coutinho January 24, 2013 at 10:40 AM #


    I am planning on installing Baseboard-100 this weekend and will be using my miter and table saws to cut and rip MDF. Do you still recommend the higher-end 80-tooth blade for cutting MDF molding?

    Thanks! Love the site.

  4. Ken January 24, 2013 at 11:19 AM #

    Yes, absolutely use a sharp, 80-tooth blade if you have a choice about it. I felt the pain of using that general-purpose blade with every piece of moldign I cut for our kitchen and half-bathroom.

    Let us know how you like using the 80 thooth when your finished installing your baseboard.

    Good luck!

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