cottage moldings

Hi Ken,

I have a few pictures of our family’s cabin in northern Wisconsin. I thought these moldings might be interesting to you and your readers and possibly spur some creativity for others as well as myself.

The moldings are pretty spectacular in my opinion. There are both interior and exterior shots that I hope you enjoy.

— Andrew

cottage moldings

Take a good close look at this tall wainscoting because it is very similar to WAINSCOTING-100, for which I have an installation sequence posted.

cottage moldings

These door and bookshelf surrounds are just the right thing for this cottage. They are also very similar to DOOR TRIM-114, if you’d like to try your hand at making one yourself.

cabin moldings

This image shows how enchanting a room with moldings from floor-to-ceiling can be.

So the next time you hear someone say that you should not put a lot of moldings in a small room, you just show them Andrew’s Wisconsin cottage.

exterior cottage moldings

Andrew, thank you so much for sharing these images with us. The molding patterns in your cottage were installed by a true craftsman who understood the finer points of finish carpentry, inside and out. His designs and quality of installation are what we should all strive for in our own work.