woodworking applique onlay

Woodworking appliques are beautiful in simple white. If you feel bold though, add a splash of color.

[This is part of our Our Molding Makeover.  See all updates here.]

I thought I’d paint the center of this applique gold to see how it looks up against our blue ceiling border.

Come take a look and tell me what you think!

Vendor Decorators Supply Corp

Item 11759 from Catalog 124, p 288

Dimensions  3-1/8″ diameter


Test Paint Your Appliques

Compo appliques are shipped in their raw color of medium brown.  Here I’ve put a coat of primer on this one before throwing a test coat of gold paint in the center.

round rosette woodworking applique onlay

This or a very similar flower applique will go on the ceiling of our half bathroom, and I’m painting this one so I can test the size of the ceiling border.

Since it only took a few minutes, I dabbed two coats of gold paint in the center so I can see how it looks.

architctural ornament

The applique is held up with two of those 3M double-sided sticky poster things.

This blue is something Jennifer is just flirting with, the final border color will probably be dark green.

Decorators Supply

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