door trim crown molding baseboard

Note my sketches on the wall around the left opening.

Look at this intersection of tray ceiling, HVAC box in the corner and two doorways.

If ever there were a case for improvising when decorating with moldings, this is the precedent setting example right here.

How in the world does one design moldings around this mess?

The only answer is to integrate as many of the moldings together as possible.

tray ceiling, door trim, entablature, walk in closets, big baseboard, crown molding

Just so you know, I’m not a fan of faux paint on moldings. Especially my moldings.

I wanted a soffit crown and I wanted entablatures on the doors, so I simply designed the room’s crown to be part of the entablature cornice.

Writing this post re-ignited my frustration with tray ceilings, and so I think I’ll write something more about them.

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