great room crown molding

What I’m Thankful for Today

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful that I’ve got readers like Aaron who send nice emails like this:


I just wanted to say thanks.  Reading your blog gave us the confidence to try our own molding project.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures of our recent living room update.  Which consisted of new base boards, a “flying crown”, window and closet trim, and entry door surround.  Hopefully, more pics will follow as we continue throughout the house.

Thanks again,


flying crown molding

I love that Aaron and his wife re-purposed paint from their local recycling center —  they just kept mixing until they came up with a color they liked.

In their honor, then, I think the beautiful light grey they came up with should be called Aaron Mist.

living room moldings

Pay special attention to the finial return Aaron used to terminate his flying crown molding. Also, look at the difference between the two baseboards — wow, what a difference!

And don’t forget to give his front door surround the once-over, it’s beautiful.

great room crown molding

Thank you Aaron and family for sharing your beautiful living room molding makeover with us!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!