hallway wall niche with no moldings

A bland wall niche.

Everything you put in your niche — flower, statues, found-art objects — will look prettier when they are framed with moldings!

They are so easy to decorate with some simple moldings from your local lumber yard, and are especially suited for adding a few ornate architectural details, like this one.

The trick to decorating a wall niche with moldings is to treat it like a window surround.  The only thing extra I added to this one that you wouldn’t add to a window surround is the 3-1/2″ tall baseboard molding on the bottom inside.

If the paint job the painters did on this hallway wasn’t so sloppy, I would have taken pictures of the finished niche.

To say that what they did was anything but a high-resolution paint job would be an understatement.  Save yourself thousands of dollars and learn to paint your own moldings.  We are building a series on just that topic: How to Paint Moldings.

wall niche decorated with simple moldings

A wall niche can be treated just like window trim.

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