guest half bathroom baseboard with tall ceilings

Already nicely decorated, all this guest bathroom needs is the right moldings.

Do you see the little moldings in this guest bathroom?  Those are the “upgraded” moldings that came with this house.

This half bathroom has twelve foot ceilings, and those little moldings just don’t stand up under such a soaring height.

It felt like you were sitting in an elevator shaft with all that soaring height above, rather than a distinguished guest bathroom.  Until we added moldings.

The 11″ tall baseboards I installed I also installed in the rest of the foyer/great room, and I think they gave the room a proper foundation.

To further divide up the towering walls in the bathroom, I designed a frieze that you can just make out the bottom of in the second picture.  The wallpaper above the frieze is from the same collection, and is a complimentary pattern to the wall paper you see pictured.

half guest bathroom after with new moldings and tall ceiling

I drew inspiration for this baseboard design from a restored Victorian mansion in Detroit.

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