dining room before and afterI gave this dining room a top to bottom molding makeover. But what to do with those ugly, tract home air vent covers?

I couldn’t find an air vent cover that fit the opening, so I combined two to make this one long one.

Take a look.

You won’t find an air vent cover like this at Home Depot or Lowes. And that’s a good thing.

This was so easy to make, yet created such a custom look to this dining room, that there really is no reason for you to not to do something similar.

custom air vent cover

I installed this in a home in Rochester Hills, Michigan, that is still my favorite molding makeover of all time.

If you want to make an air vent cover that is similar to this one, you can either see step by step how I installed this one here (How to Install VENT COVER-100), or you can take a look at all of the architectural ornaments in the Decorators Supply Corporation’s Catalog 124 and see what kind of ornaments you can use to create your own custom vent cover!