before-large-foam-crown-molding-buildupYou may not agree with the wall color I had to paint below the ornate, three-piece crown molding I installed in this master bedroom, but you have to admit the crown is really pretty!

When I suggested to my friends that an accent color in this master bedroom would help set off the crown, I wasn’t exactly thinking lime green.  But there you have it.

This crown is my typical stack of a flat-stock cornice, an ogee base molding as the lower detail with a crown molding in the middle.

after ornate crown molding in master bedroom

A simple three-piece crown molding return. The ornate piece is made of foam, and I bought it at Home Depot.

The only difference between installing this crown molding and one like CROWN MOLDING-103, is this ornate acanthus leaf pattern has to match where you splice pieces of the crown together.

What is a Molding Return?

Do you see how the crown molding terminates at the corner above the sconce?  That is what’s called a return.

You can “return” chair rails, baseboards, wainscoting, and any other molding that is wrapped into the wall or onto another molding.

Learn how to return a crown molding here: How to Return a Crown Molding to the Wall.