DOOR TRIM-110 beforeA Blank Slate  This front door and its tall, half-circle window overhead had the same bland starter-trim installed as virtually every home in the nation.  I think we can do a better job of framing guest’s arrival to this warm and loving home.

Materials  Believer it or not, I built the whole thing out of simple, affordable materials from local retailers.

Apart from the ornate appliques, you could run down to pretty much any store that sells moldings this weekend and buy everything you need to make it yourself.

A beautiful door surround.

Who said nobody installs moldings like this anymore? And you can do it too, we’ll show you how!

A really great door surround I made.

Albert Kahn Connection

My inspiration for the design came from an historic building in downtown, Detroit, designed by the justifiably famous architect, Albert Kahn.