crown molding

Hi Ken,

It’s been a few years, but I’ve completed another molding project and thought I’d share pictures. I had waited so long for a post on CROWN MOLDING-102, and was so excited but didn’t get started on it until last April.

I just finished painting it because we have upcoming Christmas party that forced me to put in the time and get it wrapped up.

crown molding

I didn’t find the exact soffit molding or upper crown molding, but I improvised. Architectural Depot had a similar molding for the soffit. I was able to find the exact dentil crown and rosettes, though.

crown molding

Before Billy installed his crown molding.

crown molding

After! What a spectacular difference!

crown molding corner

Thanks again for the work you’ve put into the site. The amount of your instruction is perfect. What we need to know about the breakdown of the pieces and how they go together, yet not spoon fed every little step or measurement.


Hi Billy,

You’ve done a fantastic job installing and painting this ornate, eight-piece crown molding. My guess is that you’d find very few finish carpenters willing to take on a crown molding like this, and yet you’ve done a superb job all by yourself!

And hosting a Christmas party is the perfect reason to find the motivation to finish all kinds of home improvement projects, I’ve done it myself a number of times.

Thanks for sharing your work, Billy, you are a true inspiration. And I’m sure everyone is excited to see what you’ll make next!



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