flex trim arch moldingTraditional Style Casing

This is a classic molding profile used for door and window casings throughout the western world.

And you can order it right from your local lumber yard with the arch dimensions you want for your own installation.

Just measure the rise and width of the arch you want, and how much (if any) straight pieces you need, and then place your order.

Use With a Backband Molding

This molding profile — used as part of an archway or as a straight molding on a door or window casing — is unfinished without applying a backband molding on the outer edge.

Here is the backband I used to complete this archway molding buildup, CA-006.

Prices & Specs

  • Price Per Foot  c. $12.05/lf (exact price depends on your local lumber yard’s markup)
  • Material  Flex Trim
  • Manufacturer Item Number CIB255
  • Dimensions  About 4-1/4 wide X 3/4″ thick
  • Vendor  Local Lumber Yard or online retailer

The Truth About Flexible Moldings

You may think that when you buy a flexible molding that you can just flex it how you want and then nail it in place.

Not so when applying Flex Trim to a walk-through archway or on an arched door or window. You have to find the rise and run of arch and then supply that to Flex Trim. Then they will make your molding to fit your arch perfectly.

However, the backband molding does not need the rise and run calculated, it can be installed to the shape of the arch just by its flexible nature.

Patterns that Use this Casing


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