door trim moldingCraftsman Style Casing

Normally I build this door or window trim style by stacking two pieces together.

But since the Molding & Millwork Company makes this one-piece in a pre-primed mdf casing, why, you can just run out and order a whole bunch from your local lumber yard.

I say a bunch because it’s really affordable.

The only downside to using this casing is its width.

At 3-1/4″ wide it’s 1/2″ shy of full 4″ wide width found in most (buy not all) of the historic Craftsman bungalows here in southeast Michigan. But it’s still a beautiful molding and oh so affordable.

 Specs & Price

  • Price  $9.01 for 8′ stick
  • Units  8′ and 16′ sticks
  • Manufacturer  Molding & Millwork
  • Item #  421M
  • Material  MDF
  • Dimensions  23/32″ thick X 3-1/4″ wide


Buy It at Durst Lumber in Berkley, Michigan

When I stopped by Durst Lumber today to ask Don what the price is on this casing, he didn’t even look up from his computer before blurting out the prices — he’s that familiar with it.

My dad’s been going to Durst Lumber for thirty years, and now I go there all the time, too. It’s just one of those great corner hardware stores that is a pleasure to shop in. And don’t forget to grab a free bag of popcorn while you’re there!

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