door casingCasing Molding

This versatile molding profile I’ve used for chair rail buildups, entablatures, crown molding cornices and of course, baseboards.

But it wasn’t until this week that I saw this same profile in an historic home, and so establishing its historic legitimacy once and for all.

It is located in the 1930-built home that now serves as the city of Birmingham, Michigan’s, Historical Museum. I’ll be featuring the moldings in that home over the coming week.

Below  This baseboard molding is installed in the historic home I mentioned above, and is nearly identical to CA-009.

This is a molding you can buy at just about any lumber yard that has a decent molding & millwork department.

baseboard molding

Price & Specs

  • Price Per Unit  $11.20/8′ stick
  • Price Per Foot  $1.40/lf
  • Material  Pre-Primed MDF
  • Dimensions  5-1/4″ wide X 5/8″ thick
  • Vendor  Lumber yard or molding & millwork retailer

Patterns You Can Make With this Molding