If you want to learn more about decorating your home with moldings, then take a peek at these 2012 projects we’re working on for you:

  • More DIY Projects   I have a hard drive stuffed with thousands of molding installation photos I took over several years that I want to share with you.  This year you’ll see more step-by-step crown molding, wainscoting, window valence box, door trim installations; really, you’ll see more of everything!
  • Our House Project  We are going to upgrade the moldings in our modest Tucson townhouse this year.  We will share the whole design and installation process with photos and video.  We will also keep a running tally of the costs to renovate each room, as well as calculate what each room would cost to have the moldings installed by a professional finish carpenter and then painted by a professional painter.
  • More Pattern Inventories and Prices  There are many beautiful designs in the Pattern Book that I do not have installation photos for.  But for those patterns I will put together the molding inventories for you with all the material prices that make up the pattern, like I did for DOOR TRIM-119.
  • My Tool Kit  I’ll finish the post listing all of the tools I use and their prices.  I’ll tally up the total cost and compare it with the cost of having moldings professionally installed.  You’ll see that it only takes a few rooms to recoup your investment.
  • Upgrade to WordPress  I’m dreading the conversion of this blog (I have a love/hate relationship with all things digital) from a Blogspot hosted blog into a self-hosted WordPress blog.  But we have to do it because our little site is becoming so popular that we have to make the switch.

We’ve had so much fun sharing the joy of moldings with you since we started this blog back in April 2011.  We hope that you subscribe to the site so you can keep up with all of the molding fun to come.  And don’t forget to tell your friends about us!

Happy New Year!
Ken and Jennifer