foam dentil crown molding

Dentil Crown Molding, Small

There are many dentil crown moldings on the market, but this is one of the best.

It’s made by Focal Point, and is available through a wide variety of retailers.

This is one of the few moldings that I’ve bought online.

One of the great things about the foam that this crown is made from is how well it sands.

Many of the foam crown moldings available have a sort of plastic-like primer coat on it that makes it very difficult to blend at the scarf joints or even filling nail holes.  But not this one!

There is a larger version of this molding I used as part of a large, soffit crown molding in an 18′ high foyer.  I’ll be posting some installation pics of that soon.

Price and Specs

  • Unit Price  $17.31 /8′ stick
  • Material  Foam
  • Projection  2-5/8″
  • Drop  3-1/4″

Patterns You Can Make with this Molding



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