bathroom crown molding

[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.]

When most rest area bathrooms are strictly utilitarian, this one, just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan, is graced with crown molding!

I was totally shocked.

A friend and I stopped here on our way to ArtPrize, and in my usual manner when entering any room, I looked up.

The checkered tile pattern is in no way complimentary to the traditional ogee crown molding they installed, but I still have to give the state an “A” for going to the effort at making this nice, clean rest area as nice as they could.

Crown Molding on Tile

I’m often asked if you can install crown molding on tile, and the answer is always yes.

Here are some things to think about when installing crown molding on tile:

  • Prime the back of your moldings before you install them
  • Install a three-piece crown molding (there’s more surface area for the glue to stick to the tile)
  • Use a heavy-duty construction adhesive rather than regular Liquid Nails
  • Use a good-quality bathroom caulk to seal all joints between moldings and molding and wall/tile

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[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.]

bathroom crown molding